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Rixot is a powerful set of tools for web analysis, developed on a basis of our long-standing expertise in search engine optimization. This revolutionary web source embodies all our knowledge and experience and can be used free of charge by any user, who needs valid data on any website.

Within this web service, you have a Google US organic traffic monitoring tool, a website ranking checker and a competitive tracking solution at your fingertips.

Rixot is made for SEO experts and all users, interested in the principles of online marketing. It allows us to build a correct SEO strategy for any project and it will allow you to do the same.

Discover a tool that exceeds ordinary web-analytics!

In-Depth Organic Traffic Analysis
How many people find your website in Google US search every day? How do changes on the website affect its attendance? How many daily visitors do your rivals get per day?
Rixot has answers to these questions, as well as many others. It gives you a comprehensive insight into website within seconds.

Daily organic traffic
from Google US

Visitor statistics
broken down by date

Our unique rate -
Website's Rixot Rank

Average number of
visits from Google US

–   Expert advice
Do not jump to conclusions once you receive one or two days worth of data. As the websites attendance depends on a range of factors, we suggest studying weekly, monthly or more long-term data.

Competitive Research
Know your competitors and unveil their SEO strategy

Disclose your competitors and find out about their top keywords! With Rixot you do not have to be the owner of the website to see its positions in organic search results. You can discover how many organic visitors come to a competitor's website every day and how it manages to stay in Google TOP. We select competitor's on the basis of keywords for higher accuracy of results.

Knowing, how crucial it is for you to stay abreast of the latest changes, we regularly update data and use powerful analytical algorithms. To help your goals we created Rixot Rank, a complex value for comparing websites, in order to help you objectively evaluate your success.

–   Expert advice
In online promotion, no factor is minor. We suggest approaching all aspects of your strategy with equal amount of effort and pay close attention to its weak points, which you can easily define after studying your rivals.

Keywords Performance Insight

Rixot provides you with a free keyword research tool that helps you find yours and your competitors' top keywords. Moreover, using a free
keyword rank checker allows you to understand how users find your website in Google, what queries they use
the most and what they don't use at all. The AdWords data will help you select the most relevant keywords and create quality content.

Due to the fact that we created Rixot keywords ranking checker as our working tool, we guarantee you 100% valid data. Due to constant website
position updates, you will remain aware of all important changes. Monitor the progress by dates and keep an eye on your competitor's rankings.

Dynamics of Keywords Positions
See every change your in keywords positions

Check keyword rankings in Google TOP and monitor their dynamic. You won't find more efficient website ranking checker capable of showing website's positions' increase and decrease for the main keywords. Our free keyword rank checker used Google data directly to create simple and illustrative diagrams. Here you can see changes in positions by date and conclude what affects your online promotion.

Studying several days worth of data is sufficient enough for discovering the essential changes. Comparing search engine rankings for specific dates allows you to choose the direction of the web source development. Improve content and observe positive dynamics every day.

Rixot API
One key to unlock all web data

API is in high demand among customers, businesses and programmers, as it offers multiple app development benefits and considerably facilitates the process of tracing and managing data. Rixot provides its users with this opportunity: each registered Rixot user is provided with a personal API. Work with data in your own software and provide your clients with the most informative reports. The API key gives you an access to all web-analytics data tracked by Rixot and a way to integrate it with the apps you use for your work. Due to a lightweight and flexible JSON format, you can easily work with the data without becoming tied to any particular programming languages or straining your software. Moreover, you can arrange the data the Rixot server sends at your convenience.

–   Expert advice
As the web analytical data is constantly updated, it is better to have a constant access to it, instead of exporting bits of information in less flexible file formats. Rixot API enables tracking position growth and daily Google traffic within any apps or software you work with.

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