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Rixot is a FREE classified website builder with convenient management tools and a variety of custom settings for your project.

Create a classified website in few simple steps. With Rixot, you don’t need web developer’s services to create your own marketplace.

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Sites like Craigslist are very popular because they offer much more options to people than a regular online store. Millions of people as well as entrepreneurs are willing to experience benefits from selling their goods and services online. Become a link between a customer and a merchant. Help advertisers find their target audience by creating ad boards for the clients and make money while others are busy coding.

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The simple steps to start your online business.

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1Enter Account Info

Fill in the blanks to create your user account. Please enter your active e-mail.

2Choose a domain name

Create a free web address or enter your domain name. Supports all registrars.

3Change A-record

If you’ve added your registered domain, update A Record in your admin panel.

4Setup Preferences

Choose language, country, cities and categories for your online marketplace.

5Setup AdSense Code

Log in to your AdSense account, choose an ad unit and paste the code to the Rixot settings area.

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How to make money with a classified ads website

The website created with Rixot will work for you even when you are offline. Many companies and entrepreneurs are willing to pay big money for advertising their services or products on your website. We know how to generate profit on free listings websites and we will share our experience with you.

Google AdSense: earn money for each click

Get your AdSense ad code and insert it to your project in Rixot. AdSense service will automatically place ad blocks systemized by topics on pages with ads. Then, every visitor’s click on an ad banner will increase the amount of money on your account without your participation. The price of a click depends on an ad owner. It varies from a few cents to several dollars. An advertisement of exclusive products and services may reach even several hundreds of dollars per click. It is the easiest way to get money from advertisers but we will share other monetization secrets of classified ads site as well.

Featured Ads: paid options for entrepreneurs

Do you think free classified ads are placed by private persons only? Many businesses have already understood that these online platforms are an inexhaustible source of new clients. Entrepreneurs tend to use any opportunity to sell their products and services through marketplaces because this allows them to save up on regular advertising. Here we will show you one more opportunity how to regularly gain profit from business ads. Because of high competition, classifieds owners fights for better visibility of their ads. This a good chance to offer them paid Featured Ads Services. Entrepreneurs prefer to pay a certain amount of money to make their ads stand out from the crowd. You, on the other side, will get income for managing ads display priority.

Move to Top: paid ad renewal

New ads appear on free ads websites very quickly. If an ad was published long time ago, most likely, no one would notice it. If an entrepreneur is eager to reach his target prospects, he will definitely want to renew or update his offer to get it to the top of the newsfeed. A small ad renewal fee is a normal practice for such websites. This way, the paid service, Move Ad to TOP, is one more method you can use to get income through your classified ads service. The fee can be either fixed or tied to the amount of days a user would like his ad to be at the top of the ad feed. Many entrepreneurs are ready to pay regularly to stay ahead of their competitors.

Advertising: make good deals

Advertisers know the advantages of classifieds websites, and they are eager to pay for placing their ad banners on them. In such a way, they can get million of views and referrals. Moreover, if you offer a lower price than your competitors, your advertisers will fight for the opportunity to make a long-term deal with you. The advantage of this monetization method is that the fee you will charge for ad banners is much higher than the money you can receive for clicks on ads. Moreover, this will keep your website always relevant, interesting and attractive for its new visitors. Quite often, well-known brands locate their ads on classifieds websites which, in its turn, can also be a great promotion way for your website.

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Simple start and flexible management

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If in 5 years time, instead of learning how to code, you plan to develop your business online, Rixot, an easy-to-use classified website builder, is what you need. No coding is required! Simple, user-friendly pre-built templates and advanced management tools will help you build your virtual ad board and run it like a proficient webmaster. You don’t need to hire professionals as you will easily launch your website yourself. Flexible setting options, quick launching, optimization - we’ve taken care of everything to make your website convenient for both visitors and administrators.

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When you are looking for something to buy in Google, the first search results you get are free classified ads websites. Why is it so? It does not happen because of some global conspiracy or secret SEO techniques. It’s the visitors who make them work this way. Consumers, merchants, and advertisers are millions of Internet users from around the word who daily get redirected to ad websites from search engines. Are you ready to join the big game? Just for half an hour, with Rixot, you will create a SEO-friendly website, which will be able to compete with such ad giants as OLX and Backpage!

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Variety of monetization options

Rest and relax while your website is earning money for you!

Do you dream of a ready-made, “out-of-the box” online business? Get it now with Rixot! Earn from Google AdSense, advertising, paid ad banners or additional services for your website users. Manage your website at your free time or create A-boards for clients. Rixot offers various new opportunities for monetization. You don’t need to look for investors or take a bank loan. You can start gaining profit right away. There is no need to share your profit with somebody else because your website will work for you only.

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Mobile-friendly advertising platform

Responsive design, powerful functionality

With Rixot, you can build a classifieds website which will look equally great on a high-resolution desktop displays and small smartphone screens. It’s easy to surf and manage a website since we have made sure the customers and merchants on your website would have a good user experience. Your website visitors will be able to easily create and view ads on both a laptop or any touch screen device. Moreover, our developers have created a unique site management system for domain owners. There is no need for an admin to carry around his personal laptop because he can get access to his website system from any mobile device.

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