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A website for promoting and selling branded things is a must today as it gives companies maximum exposure on the Internet. But what if you have things that are in good condition and your don’t want to throw them away? Or perhaps, you plan to upgrade your phone and you want to cover a part of its cost by selling your old one to someone? Obviously, the development of a fully functional website to sell just a few items does not make sense. In cases like these, people go to classified ads websites to promote their stuff.

A classifieds website is a place where people buy and sell online by specific locations and categories. This kind of sites drives a lot of traffic, that’s why if you develop your own classifieds website, it can become your cash cow.

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To build your classified website has never been easier with Rixot. You don’t need to have design and coding skills as we have prepared a feature-packed solution with detailed instructions for you. There is no need to invent the wheel because it’s already there. The only thing needed is a domain name. You will launch your advertising service in no time with minimum efforts.
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There are various models and methods to monetize your classifieds website. You can offer users additional paid services on your website. Featured ads is one of the most popular methods allowing to get additional income for highlighting somebody’s ads.

You can also create affiliate links and get paid for selling somebody’s products according to the agreement made, or create premium membership plans to grant access to advanced features.These are just a few suggestions to consider.

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