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Rixot is an OPEN and FREE web service, that offers an efficient solution to discover and explore any website analytics data, use key metrics to understand the SEO strategies and tactics of your rivals. Created for webmasters, SEO experts and and website owners, Rixot helps to get essential insights on website’s performance:
  • Organic traffic from Google US
  • Website promotion dynamics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords
  • Website positions in Google SERP

Rixot is a set of tools for web analytics data research. With this service, you can easily take control over your website rankings and find the best way to beat your rivals. Rixot provides the most reliable and accurate data to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

The product of extended SEO experience and deep understanding of the information resources, Rixot helps experts and business owners to analyze and monitor website dynamics and stand their ground against competitors in any field.

Furthermore, we offer the high-quality SEO services, which result in a fruitful SEO campaign that will optimize your website for Google and, accordingly, improve your organic presence in Google US search.

Designed as one of our SEO project solutions, Rixot is a strong tool for top guns that provides experts and business owners with deep and remarkable insights into their online promotion.

Whether you want to improve your online presence, boost sales via high-quality Web tools, or create a fully controlled SEO campaign, Rixot provides you with the most relevant data.

So, who can benefit from Rixot:
  • SEO experts and digital marketers

    to create fruitful SEO and marketing strategies and analyze their results at any time
  • Large companies

    to evaluate the websites for purchase and SEO campaign results
  • Online businesses

    to improve website visibility and boost their sales
  • Webmasters

    to evaluate what keywords are driving the most of organic traffic and develop related solutions
  • Website owners

    who want to track performance of their competitors online and free of charge

Rixot is the goldmine of information that allows its users to get essential analytical data regarding the website rankings. Unlike its analogues that are quite expensive, Rixot is absolutely free to use. You don’t even need to create an account to reap all the benefits. Furthermore, this service features an API function that saves experts a lot of time as they can handle web analytics data via their own software.

On top of that, we provide a full range of services regarding search engine optimization and will promote your website to the highest positions in Google within the shortest time possible. You’ll be impressed with the results you can achieve with our help.

Get unlimited access to the full dynamics of any web source of your choice from around the world. Find a helpful info on Google Top keywords and positions as well as daily traffic and much more.

With unique Rixot service, you can easily perform:
  • Online business improvement

    tracking your daily stats allows you to discover your website strengths and weaknesses
  • Tracking
    competitors data

    the section ‘Competitors’ reflects all the websites of your potential rivals with the relevant data
  • Detailed breakdown
    of your keywords by date

    you’ll see the accurate reports regarding your keywords Google positions
  • Examining Google
    US daily traffic

    tracking the number of Google visitors to the selected website
  • Smooth and fast data
    integration via API

    use your own software to work with the essential Rixot data

Once you have the daily updated, accurate information on daily Google traffic, TOP rankings, and the number of Google visitors, you’ll find the way to increase your website visibility and boost conversion. With Rixot, you’ll get the clearly visible stats that can be used to change, improve, or develop a successful SEO plan and achieve the best results.

Rixot is an open source web analytics tool. You don’t need to be registered to monitor website dynamics. However, if you want to get an API, you should log into your Rixot account.

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