Rixot API
Everything you need from Google U.S. SERPs within your software

An owner of each and every web entity, from a well-aged large corporate website to newly created blog, struggles to provide visitors with highly valuable and relevant content to increase engagement and conversion rates as well as needs to get a comprehensive evaluation of the results of the efforts.

Rixot API grants you convenient access to our database with arrays of exhaustive analytical information, which was collected to assist in exactly these challenges.

For any website you need, you get the most important and
hard-to-find insights updated twice a month:

List of keywords
All search terms that drive more than 1 visitor a day. If a website ranks for 1 mln keywords, you get them all.

Keyword rankings
Tells you what position a website had in Google U.S. SERP for a keyword from the list for various dates.

Organic search traffic
AdWords search traffic estimates for each keyword and the overall traffic attracted according to website positions

Niche competing websites
AdWords search traffic estimates for each keyword and the overall traffic attracted according to website positions.
Easy-to-use Data
We got you covered

To make API queries more convenient, we complement these sets of data with derived statistics, filters and sortings. The examples are:

  • Rixot Rank - an overall indicator of website performance on Google Search;
  • Number of keywords a website has in various TOPs of Google;
  • Daily organic traffic that comes from Google for various dates;
  • Dynamics of traffic and rankings.
Who needs this feature?
Every serious online business needs this feature
  • Large companies, who need to maintain leading positions on online sales;
  • Their rivals, which try to overcome the competition of the famous brands.
  • SEO Agencies that want to deliver top-notch quality services with measurable results.
  • Analytical Organisations striving to provide their users with the most valuable information on website promotion issues.
What can you do with Rixot API?

Here we list some suggestions that may help you hit upon an idea how our service will solve your digital marketing challenges. As you can see, the real number of possibilities and opportunities delivered by Rixot API is limitless. Be the first to outperform your competitors before they leave you far behind.

  • Implement automated notifications of increase or decrease in daily organic search traffic for your website and its competitors.
  • Develop a comprehensive measurement system for your SEO efforts, which will
    provide you with ranking and traffic dynamics.
  • Integrate the data with other web services to multiple the depth of your analysis.
  • Automatically pick up the newest traffic generating search term ideas
    from your rivals.
  • Perform instant keyword research based on the performance
    of the most successful websites in your niche.
  • Make your Content Management System estimate con-
    tent performance before you upload it to a website.
  • Any other idea that will help you to advance
    digital marketing to the next level.
How does Rixot API work?
It works fast, conveniently and flawlessly.

API is an application programming interface built with convenience in mind, which means that we made it as simple to use as it was possible. You communicate with the server by sending GET query over HTTP and receiving the response in JSON format. We have developed a set of parameters to include in the query, so you could retrieve the exact information you need. Here is the example of a query:

Here is example of a query

The complete description of the parameters and all API features is available at the corresponding Help Center Page.

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