The Expert Analytical Toolbox For The Expert Users:
Free and Innovative

RIXOT is a unique free web service, that offers innovative ways to analyze, control and improve the progress of your business on the Internet. Designed to answer the most relevant SEO questions, Rixot helps business owners to solve their conversion issues.

IT boasts a range of several unmatched, professional and free analytical tools that are a must have in any professional webmaster’s and corporate website owner’s kit: Google traffic, keywords monitoring, competitor growth tracking.

XPAND your control over your rankings and see how you keep up with your competitors. With Rixot you can receive only the most reliable and accurate reports.

ONCE you have the most relevant data and steady ground for building up your strategy, your online promotion turns from a challenge into a fully controlled, step by step campaign. For those, who doesn’t have time to develop the SEO campaign and implement it, Rixot offers an extensive range of paid SEO services to anyone willing to make the most out of their online presence and rates.

THIS service is the product of long-term SEO experience and deep understanding of the information, the experts and business owners need for standing their ground against competitors.

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Rixot: Goals and Services

When it comes to online presence and increasing sales via Internet tools, having a source of accurate, informative data provides your entire SEO campaign with necessary life force. Rixot is the first free online service that:

  • Allows you to break down the keywords growth by date;
  • Gives you a detailed data tracking of competitors’ performance;
  • Offers detailed daily traffic statistics;
  • Displays the number of Google visitors;
  • Provides professional, organic SEO services;
  • Enables smooth and easy data integration via API.

This innovative and flexible approach allows Rixot to offer webmasters and online business owners a wide range of game-changing ways to maintain and grow their success. Thus, we provide unmatched SEO services on a paid basis for those, who wants to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

Rixot API

API is a solution that all up-to-date businesses rely upon. From creating new apps to streamlining business processes, API offers a considerable advantage over any other development and business management methods.

Rixot API offers you more flexible approach to tracking and receiving real-time analytical data. This paid feature is available to all registered users. You can use your individual API key to incorporate all Rixot data straight into your software and apps. The Rixot server sends necessary data in a lightweight JSON format, that does not depend on any programming language. This option gives you a great advantage, as it allows you to maximize performance of your application.